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Our goal is to raise public awareness of the ongoing opioid epidemic,
And to raise money to support local addiction agencies

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The ANABASIS has always been about bringing people together to create something bigger than themselves. Our focus has always been on the collaborative side of production. We have seen and experienced the power of the human spirit when we pull together, work together, support each other, encourage each each other. Our new conceptual rock opera deals with an epidemic that has been raging in the US for decades: The Opioid Epidemic. We offer this album as a commentary on the current state of the opioid crisis as well as a vehicle to raise both funds for services and awareness in our community. Thank you for your interest in our project.



The ANABASIS, the progressive rock collaborative of Barry Thompson (music) and George Andrade (words), announce that Jimmy Keegan (Spock's Beard, Pattern Seeking Animals) will record drums for the band’s long-awaited sophomore release, The Battle – An Opioid Story, a progressive rock opera written to benefit the Edwina Martin House in Brockton, MA. One of Massachusetts’s first recovery homes, designed specifically for women, the Edwina Martin House offers services to 21 women and can accommodate up to 4 infants at a time. Linkages with local health services enable pregnant and post-partum women the opportunity to begin recovery and motherhood simultaneously, with better health outcomes for both mother and child. “Every aspect of the project is geared towards raising awareness about the other epidemic that’s still raging behind the scenes in this country: the opioid crisis,” says composer Barry Thompson. “We’ve written a progressive rock opera about a family’s struggle with opioid addiction, and we’re going to donate every penny of profit generated through sales to a local addiction rehab for pregnant and postpartum women.” (open full article)