Release Date: September 11, 2011

Label: 10t Records


The debut album from The ANABASIS is a concept piece that examines the struggles of three ancient societies -The Romans, The Egyptians and The Vikings- and compares and contrasts those struggles to modern society. Musically, the album falls somewhere between progressive rock and progressive metal, with a very heavy keyboard presence by the great Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard, K2, ProgJect) who also contributed heavily to the arrangements. George Andrade's thought-provoking and meticulously researched lyrics are an element that should not be overlooked here. The stories are compelling and interesting, drawing the listener into the scene as an observer of history.
Musically the album is quite diverse with huge, epic orchestrations and strings from Ryo Okumoto and some of the most intense guitar sorcery you'll hear from Australian guitar guru Plini.

Release Date: 2023

Label: KNH Records


The sophomore release from The ANABASIS is a concept album in the rock opera format. The Battle - An Opioid Story brings the listener inside the tumultuous and at times horrifying world of drug addiction. It tells the story of a family's epic, multi-generational addiction struggles with raw, gritty imagery and a compelling narrative that serves as a cautionary tale to those who look down upon addicts as failures. It calls us all out for perpetuating the stigma that accompanies addiction, despite the unambiguous position of the medical community that addiction is a medical issue, not a moral issue.

Musically the album is quite diverse and has a somewhat heavier overall sound and vibe as compared to the first album, Back From Being Gone (10t Records, 2011). Click through the tabs here to learn more about the artists who created this album.