Back From Being Gone: The Musicians

Release Date: September 11, 2011

Label: 10t Records


The debut album from The ANABASIS is a concept piece that examines the struggles of three ancient societies -The Romans, The Egyptians and The Vikings- and compares and contrasts those struggles to modern society. Musically, the album falls somewhere between progressive rock and progressive metal, with a very heavy keyboard presence by the great Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard, K2, ProgJect) who also contributed heavily to the arrangements. George Andrade's thought-provoking and meticulously researched lyrics are an element that should not be overlooked here. The stories are compelling and interesting, drawing the listener in to the scene as an observer of history.
Musically the album is quite diverse with huge, epic orchestrations and strings from Ryo Okumoto and some of the most intense guitar sorcery you'll hear from Australian guitar guru Plini.

Barry Thompson
electric guitars, bass guitars, mandolin, Navajo pan flute, trumpet, tenor saxophone, clarinet

Barry Thompson is a multi instrumentalist who plays guitar primarily, but has also been known to dabble in some piano, drums and saxophone. He began playing music at the age of 10 when he took clarinet lessons in grammar school to escape the horrors of glee club and discovered that like his father before him, he had an aptitude for music.

In Junior High School, at the urging of the musical director, Barry switched from Clarinet to Tenor Saxophone, which he played in both the orchestra and the marching band.

By the time he was a freshman in High School, Barry had come to realize that girls were much more interested in a guy with a guitar than a guy with a sax. So, with a few lessons from his grandfather (an accomplished guitarist himself) before long he was playing some of the songs on the radio on his first acoustic guitar.

Barry's interest in other instruments waned for many years as he focused exclusively on guitar through his 20s and well into his 30s. This culminated in the formation of The ANABASIS - which is a 100% studio music project.

In 2004 Barry was a co-producer of the noted charity music project "The Tsunami Projekt" and he also appeared on Lee Abraham's excellent second album, "View From The Bridge" which also featured such notable UK prog musicians such as Karl Groom (Threshold) and Martin Orford (ex IQ).

Barry's musical influences range from bands such as Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, The Flower Kings, and Kansas to Iron Maiden, Opeth, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath.

He lives in Brockton, MA (USA) with his wife Sandie, his mother Sandi, his two dogs - Pebbles and Bam-Bam - and his Congo African Grey Parrot, Oscar.

George Andrade
concept, lyrics, arrangements

George Andrade wrote the book & lyrics and was Co-Producer for "AIRS - A Rock Opera" by Brockmann/Andrade (Fencesound Music). He also developed the concept, wrote the lyrics, and was Executive Producer for "Back from Being Gone" by the progressive metal band The ANABASISP (10T Records).

More recently, he has developed the concepts and written lyrics & narratives for the Norwegian rock/metal vocalist and songwriter PelleK on his albums "Ocean of Opportunity" and "A Marvelous Method of Reclusion".

He has written novel reviews for, reviewed albums for, and has provided critical readings of screenplays for independent screenwriters (most notably by Sean Ryan). He is listed in both the Locus Magazine Author's Index and the ISFDB (Internet Speculative Fiction Database) for his short story "Clowns", which appeared in HAUNTS Magazine #18 (Spring 1990).

He has also been an Artist-In-Residence for Very Special Arts Rhode Island, where he taught screenwriting at Dorcas Place in Providence, RI, whose mission remains to assist low-income adults in realizing their full potential through literacy, employment, advocacy and community involvement. He also wrote, produced and directed the short film "Supports" for Vision Cable in Pawtucket, RI, which won a RI Cable Award for "Best Entertainment/Variety" in 1992.

When last seen in the "private sector" (where they expect results), George was an assistant football coach at Mt. Hope High School in Bristol, RI (2012-2015); before that he managed the Children's, Teen, Family & Childcare, and Education Departments at Barnes & Noble in Middletown, RI.

Presently, George is writing a screenplay for PelleK (tentatively titled “Formally, Norskogen”) and researching his own massive, multi-book project called “Cloth Heart”. He has also begun work on the follow-up album to “Back from Being Gone” by The Anabasis.

He is the husband of Nicolette Collard-Andrade (24 years) and the father of Leigh Nicole (33), Taylor Evan (29), Dustin Joseph (27), and Hannah Kubrick (17). Phew.  

Ryo Okumoto
keyboards, piano, mimi-moog, synths, orchestration, arrangements

Ryo Okumoto was born in Osaka, Japan. He began playing classical music on the piano at the age of 3 and continued through 13. He became a professional musician at the age of 15 performing at the Live House in Osaka for a year. Because of his great desire to learn more about different styles of music and his strong independence, he moved to Tokyo at the age of16. Ryo performed in nightclubs and discos for the next 5 years.

Ryo's first real break started in 1978 when he was 19. He toured with a well-known group called "Creation" and recorded on their album "Best of Creation." The next year Ryo toured with the legendary, "Kitaro" and recorded on Kitaro's album, "Live in Parco."

In February 1980, Ryo's first solo album, "Solid Gold" with Canyon Records was released. He recorded this album at Air Studio in London with well-known musicians: Richard Baily (drummer for Jeff Beck), Kuma Takeda (bass), Katsutoshi Morizono (guitar) and Delandro Winston (guitarist for Elton John).

Two month later in April, Ryo released his second solo album, "Makin' Rock" with Canyon Records. This record was recorded at Sound Labs Studios in Hollywood. He once again had the best musicians recording behind him: David Foster (keyboard), Jay Graydon (guitar), Steve Lukather (guitar), Jeff Porcaro (drums) and Neil Stubenhaus (bass).

Ryo's third album was released in June that same year with Canyon Records. This was called "Synthesizer" and recorded at Sound Design Studio in Tokyo.

The next year, Ryo decided to move to Los Angeles in March. Tokyo seemed stagnate to him now and he yearned to learn more about the different styles of music that LA had to offer.

Ryo studied at Dick Grove School of Music for the next 4 years. Upon graduation his talent and creativity were welcomed by the American music scene, and he has been involved in a numerous projects worldwide ever since. The artists he has performed with include Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Eric Burdon, Peabo Bryson, Natalie Cole and Roberta Flack. He also has been part of countless world tours. His professional credits are listed below.

It was 1987 when Ryo became part of progressive rock group "Spock's Beard." Their 10th album "X" was released last year, and their Europe tour was a great success. Ryo's talent is internationally recognized now and he is reaching audiences all over the world. He has been featured on many magazines worldwide. Dutch rock magazine "iOPages" is one of them.

Ryo's talent has no limitations. Ryo's undying passion for music, will always keep him visible, whether it be rock, jazz, R&B or a broadway production. He will always be in the public's eye.

Performed and/or Recorded with:
Phil Collins, David Foster, Debbie Gibson, Al Green, Eric Clapton, Steve Lukather, Lamont Dozier, Nichele Nichol, Natalie Cole, Jeff Porcaro, Richard Elliot, Roslyn Kind, Barry White, Simon Phillips, Jennifer Holliday, Louis St. Louis, Kitaro, Jay Graydon, Sue Raney, James Ingram, Peabo Bryson, Original 5th Dimension, Aretha Franklin , Dionne Warwick, Aaron Neville, Marilyn McCoo, Melissa Manchester, Johnny Gill, Eric Burdon of the Animals, Roberta Flack, Pointer Sisters, Brenda Russell, Glenn Hughes, Patti Austin, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Bobby Kimball, Sheena Easton, Eric Carmen, Teena Marie, Robbie Robertson, Chris Squire.  

Gerald "Mully" Mulligan
drums and percussion

Gerald, who is from Alresford which is near the historic city of Winchester in the county of Hampshire which is in the south of England, has been playing drums since he was a kid and is currently the full time drummer for The Lee Abraham Band as well as several other various side projects.  Mully plays a variety of music including progressive rock, progressive metal and just straight up rock and roll.

After hearing his performances on Lee Abraham's albums, "View From The Bridge" and "Black & White" it became immediately apparent that he was "the drummer" for The ANABASIS.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Special Guest Musicians
"Back From Being Gone"

Jeroen Hendrix

Jeroen Hendrix is a Dutch keyboard-player. After studying classical piano for 10 years, he started playing synthesizers. Among his teachers are some well-known keyboardists like Derek Sherinian and Jordan Rudess. Jeroen's style is based on his classical background combined with progressive and rock elements. Through his online recording service Jeroen records keyboard work for bands and musicians all over the world.

In 2019, Barry Thompson asked Jeroen to become the full-time keyboardist and pianist for the international studio project, The ANABASIS and they began working on the follow up to 2011's critically acclaimed "Back From Being Gone" on which Jeroen played keyboards on two tracks.

Gordon Tittsworth
backing vocals


Gordon is the founder of the Baltimore,MD/ York, PA-USA based Progressive Metal band, IMAGES OF EDEN as well as the vocalist for the Guatemala-based Power Metal/Hardcore band, DREAD THE FORSAKEN (MySpace) & DREAD THE FORSAKEN (Official), and the Houston, TX-based Progressive Metal band, ALL TOO HUMAN (MySpace).

Gordon has been into music all of his life...even before becoming a musician. By age 5, he was already listening to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Kiss and many other classic rock bands regularly. He picked up his first guitar at age 13 and practiced for no less than 3 hours a night. In college he decided to take formal vocal lessons because he didn't want to restrict himself to being just a guitarist. This diversity prompted him to learn how to play the other instruments that comprised a rock band (drums, bass guitar, keyboards). Little did he know that this would later come in handy!

Gordon had been in and out of bands over the years but never really found anyone who was at the same level of experience or shared my same musical dream and direction. He always had his own distinct vision with plans on one day bringing it to life but he always seemed to run into obstacles along the way... He had dealt with non-motivated band members and/or "dictators", inexperienced musicians, and conflicts with the other writers in various bands.

Finally, after negatively parting ways in 1998 with a band called Out Of Nowhere, Gordon was at his limit with dealing with incompetence so he decided that it was time to bring his vision to life without having it diluted or compromised. In September 1999, he went into the studio with a session drummer to record the debut IMAGES OF EDEN CD (CHAPTER I). His goal was to fully produce a CD with his own original material playing all of the instruments himself (except drums) as well as design the artwork. The final product would then be used to carefully select musicians to complete the full-time lineup. This was the birth of his band "IMAGES OF EDEN" and only the beginning...

Now IMAGES OF EDEN are about to release their 3rd CD, "REBUILDING THE RUINS". For more info, as well as clips from their 2nd CD "SUNLIGHT OF THE SPIRIT" (available on Nightmare Records), check out their website,

Also, check out this video of the track "Tribal Scars"

Stefan Artwin
lead guitar

Stefan Artwin was born in Germany and began playing guitar at age 12 after hearing a radio show featuring Jimi Hendrix.

After a few years of initial lessons he continued to teach himself and started to play in different bands. During this time he became influenced by various music styles like Jazz, Blues, Funk or Fusion and his guitar style expanded to more diverse styles such as Aldi Meola, Allan Holdsworth, Edward Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen

Besides of playing guitar, Stefan got more and more interested in composing and arrangement and expanded his knowledge to Jazz, Fusion and Classic. He gathered experience in this area by writing own songs, playing in bands or writing songs for bands.

Today, Stefan Artwin feels more being a composer than a guitarist, but this does not prevent him from playing guitar with bands like Relocator feat Derek Sherinian (Former member of Dream Theater)

Christopher James Harrison
lead guitar

Christopher James Harrison is a multi-instrumentalist from the south east of England. His first love has always been the guitar, and he often cites Brian May as the guitarist that made him first sit up and listen. Growing up with his father's record collection he quickly discovered The Beatles and Pink Floyd, and from there a love of music has driven him ever since.

While studying for a degree in music composition, Christopher started gigging with the official Iron Maiden tribute band Hi-On Maiden with whom he still plays to this day. In recent years he has collaborated with a number of artists and is currently engaged in a variety of musical endeavors ranging from straight-ahead pop/rock, folk-tinged acoustic music and progressive rock.

An avid listener of many styles of music, you're just as likely to find Christopher ensconced in a Bartók string quartet as you are to find him growling along to Opeth or enjoying some minimalism. Chances are, he'll be playing Tetris and/or drinking red wine at the same time.

Brian Hong

Brian Hong is a 17 year old classically-trained violinist from Fairfax Station, VA. He has attended many prestigious music festivals such as the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, California, and the Preludio Program in Ithaca, New York.  His teachers include June Huang, Claudia Chudacoff, Shmuel Ashkenasi of the Curtis Institute of Music, and Zvi Zeitlin of the Eastman School of Music.  He is an experienced chamber musician, having performed in ensembles for over 5 years, and he is a concertmaster of the American Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.  As a soloist, he has played with the Duquesne University Orchestra, the Strings International Music House Chamber Orchestra (playing a duet with Paul Arnold of the Philadelphia Orchestra), and the National Philharmonic.

Brian, while being a classical musician, is also an avid metalhead; he is a fan of bands such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Opeth, Redemption, Soilwork, and In Flames, among many others, and is looking forward to adding his violin playing to The ANABASIS project.

guitar wizardry 

You haven't heard amazing guitar playing until you have heard the mind-bending wizardry of Australia's shred-master, Plini.  If you haven't had the chance to hear this amazing musician, you will be treated to several guitar solos on our album.

But why wait for our album when you can hear his wonderful playing right now?  Check out "Pastures" on Bandcamp and please support this talented musician's work!

Josh Sager
lead guitar, arrangements

Even before playing guitar, Josh was deeply involved in the study of martial arts. To Josh, both the martial arts and guitar playing go hand in hand and complement each other exceptionally well. Both require exquisite timing, sense of rhythm, and an understanding of physical, textural, and conceptual space.

In recognition of his efforts and musical abilities, Josh received a partial scholarship offer from Berklee College of Music, but decided not to attend college there. He also received a second partial scholarship to Rowan University (then Glassboro State College) for classical guitar, which he accepted, as a composition major. One of the highlights from his time at college was having some of his compositions performed by Julliard alumnus ensembles.

After college, Josh began to get frustrated with the local music scene. In his own words, "It was dead and very hard to 'make it.' I was also feeling a lot of personal pressure from not being able to play as well as I wanted. I lost touch with what was really important, which was playing guitar and music because I loved it." This frustration brought on a period of withdrawal from the music scene, and lots of introspection. But, what brought him back was remembering the reason why he started playing to begin with. "I fell in love with playing again, and now I feel more connected and inspired than I ever had been."

A turning point in his musical journey was meeting current teacher and guitar great, Scott McGill. Josh met Scott in 1991 after Scott was recommended by one of his martial arts teachers at the time. During this period of lessons with Scott, Josh had fallen in love with guitar players such as Wes Montgomery, Pat Metheny, Allan Holdsworth, and Frank Gambale, so he began including some jazz in his lessons with Scott to expand his playing and composition skills.

After spending a lot of time working with Scott on refining his harmonic language and technical ability on the guitar, and being turned onto players like John McLaughlin, Pat Martino, and Jimmy Bruno, Josh decided that he wanted to concentrate more on the hard-bop/post-bop jazz styles, and to this day continues to study with Scott, "the greatest guitar player alive—in my opinion."

Josh continues to pursue both studies of music and martial arts concurrently, each study influencing and enhancing the other. He is a highly accomplished artist in both senses of the word.

Brick Williams
lead guitar

Brick Williams is the founding member, primary songwriter and plays all guitar parts for prog/metal masters Hourglass, whose latest album, "Oblivious To The Obvious" was recently voted "Album of the Year" for 2009 on