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Last Post 7/27/2023 7:48 AM by  Barry Thompson
This album is a monster
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7/27/2023 7:48 AM

    When I started writing the music for The ANABASIS second album, Back From Being Gone, it was the year 1996 and I didn't realize that I was creating music that I'd end up using nearly 30 years later as the foundation of a concept/Rock Opera style album (think Ayreon or Avantasia) but that's how it turned out.  Initially my writing sessions for TBAOS were producing mostly shorter tracks in the 5 to 7 minute range.  I realized I was on to something good because none of it was being forced.  By the time I had written about half the album the idea occured to me that I should completely re-write the material I had saved since 1996 to give it a more modern sound and vibe, while retaining its roots as a 70's hard rock / metal style melded with progrock a la King Crimson or Yes.  

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